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Looking to Give This Project to Someone

Previous posts cover how I came into this project of designing advanced bilateral stimulation soundscapes around 2014. Since that time Alternating Sounds, LLC has created several albums of original music enhanced with multiple simultaneous levels of bilateral stimulation for use in psychological healing techniques such as EMDR and Brainspotting, as well as for general personal development purposes.

Over the years I've sold about a couple of thousand of these (I haven't really kept a running total). In the early days people would often buy actual CD's through Amazon or CD Baby. Now, of course, it's all digital.

This was never a project to make money. This was about advancing the sophistication of bilateral stimulation music to promote neuro-diversity and its associated benefits of breaking old patterns, re-imagining stuck situations, resolving past emotional wounds, enhancing creativity, and many other positive benefits. I know that Alternating Sounds, LLC brought new innovations to auditory bilateral stimulation as documented in previous posts.

Then IMAGO came along. As previously chronicled, the 24 minutes of IMAGO are shattering the previous boundaries of what bilateral stimulation can do. This was the first commissioned music not created by me, even though I was deeply involved in teaching the composer the intricacies of nuanced bilateral effects. Together we discovered and fine-tuned many innovations in how to incorporate bilateral stimulation as an integral component of a musical composition, not just basic panning. IMAGO REPRESENTS A FORM OF MUSIC THAT HAS NEVER BEFORE EXISTED.

But here's the deal: I'm growing past this side project. I don't have the bandwidth to create the marketing needed to bring IMAGO to a broader market. Lots of other companies that create bilateral stimulation music (unfortunately still in the primitive form of basic left/right panning) have created lots of YouTube videos that direct traffic to their sites. I just don't have the energy/interest to do what it takes to get more notice. I know that somewhere there is a person who can listen, experience, understand and promote IMAGO to influential ears. As I've written (somewhere) before, IMAGO is too important to languish on this small dot of a website in the galaxy of the internet.

(By the way, Alternating Sounds LLC owns the copyright to all of the music on this site except for IMAGO. Alternating Sounds LLC only purchased the distribution rights to IMAGO. The composer, Samuel Cape, holds the copyright. Originally Alternating Sounds, LLC was going to own the actual music, but I realized it is too important of a musical achievement for him not to keep under his own name and power to control its use.

To get back to the main point, I've reached the stage of life where I am off-loading projects and distractions that don't actively support my personal growth. Alternating Sounds, LLC is now in that category. I could just shut everything down but I would rather keep the albums available for world-wide use. Some of the feedback I've received over the years from listeners is so positive that I am sure others can benefit from the profound effects that can come from various uses of the advanced bilateral stimulation music on this label.

I'm not sure how this would work: I could transfer the LLC to anyone interested and capable of bringing this music to a wider audience. I would give over copyright of all the music except for IMAGO (for which I will either transfer distribution rights to you or figure something out with the composer) so that you can sell the music for any amount you want and collect all of the proceeds from that. (I'm close to making all the bilateral stimulation music on here free to anyone. Again, the little bit of money involved in all this is not a factor for me. It's about helping more people benefit from what I truly believe is the world's best bilateral stimulation music.

I think that's all I need to write about this. Feel free to reach me at to carry the conversation further.

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