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IMAGO two minute sampleSamuel Cape
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Thanks for following the QR code to this 2 minute sample of the landmark 25 minute work "IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation", the world’s first extended musical composition designed to help your brain create new neural pathways that support healthier thoughts and emotions

Composed and performed by Sam Cape, IMAGO is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.  It showcases exciting new advances in bilateral stimulation, the back-and-forth swaying of sound while wearing headphones or earbuds. Bilateral stimulation has been used by thousands of people to improve insight, self-esteem, creativity, confidence and overall well-being.

There is so much more to IMAGO than can be captured in such a short sample, so we hope to entice you to listen to IMAGO in its entirety at no cost!


There are many ways to use IMAGO Here’s the basic listening suggestion:

  1. Consider a personal problem you’re struggling to resolve, then let it go.

  2. Listen to IMAGO in its entirety using headphones or earbuds.

  3. Enjoy any fresh insights, connections or ideas that just “come to you” over the next few hours.  (Benefits tend to deepen with repeated listening.)

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If you find IMAGO interesting or useful, please share with others so taht they can benefit as well.  We are a small company and IMAGO needs buzz to get the public exposure it deserves.  

Please email us at with any comments, questions or suggestions related to IMAGO, Alternating Sounds, LLC or bilateral stimulation in general.

Happy listening!