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Basic Eye Movement Variants For Auditory Bilateral Stimulation

Now that you're familiar with the basic eye movement suggestions for bilateral stimulation music you can consider some of these variations:

Variation # 1: Raise and lower your gaze

After holding your eyes stable for awhile, slowly raise and lower them just a little and notice any changes this brings to your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, sensations, memories or associations.

Variation # 2: Adjust the depth of your gaze

Practice adjusting the depth of your gaze by slowly moving your line of sight closer toward you and then further away from you several times.  You can do this by looking at your finger as you slowly move it toward you and away from you several times (along the same axis). While doing this just breathe, relax and simply notice how your brain processes these subtle changes.

Variation # 3: Cover an eye at a time

Continue holding your sight at a stable location, then cover one eye with your hand and notice the experience when you limit your vision in this way.  After a few moments switch eyes and notice whether different emotions, thoughts, sensations or perceptions emerge with greater intensity when looking through one eye or the other.

Portrait of senior woman covering left eye with hand.jpg

Next Up: Using Eye Movements For
"Distresed"Neural Pathways 

Now that you're familiar with the range of basic eye movements, you're ready to learn how to combine them with bilateral stimulation to heal "distressed" neural pathways.

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