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Free Bilateral Music For Download!

All of the music released on the Alternating Sounds LLC label can be found here. All music is now FREE to download!  

NOTE: headphones or earbuds are required to
experience the full effects of this music.

(Click the images below for information and on any title)

Imago Album Cover2.png

IMAGO: a bilateral journey
of transformation
25 minutes

Samuel Cape

Bilateral music album

"Written On Clouds" (2014) 
64 minutes

Alternating Sounds

Bilateral music album

"From Old Illusions To

New Conclusions"


60 minutes

Alternating Sounds

Bilateral music

"Marim Ba Ba Marim" (2018)
 11 minutes

David Shevlino

Alternating Sounds LLC album

"Fertile Field: An 
Extended Bilateral Soundscape"
57 minutes

Alternating Sounds

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