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Listening Suggestions for
"IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation"

"IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation" is the only release on the Alternating Sounds, LLC label with its own unique set of listening suggestions based on its special auditory qualities. The following information can enhance your listening experience.

IMAGO Is Different From Other Bilateral Stimulation Music

All of the listening suggestions (and this important disclaimer) on this site apply to any form of bilateral stimulation music.  However, IMAGO is different enough to benefit from its own listening guide.

First, you must listen to the entire 25 minutes of IMAGO (with headphones or ear buds, of course) to hear it the way it was designed to be experienced.  While this is a significant time commitment, your "felt sense" of that time may surprise you.  (Tip: a half-hour walk can be an ideal way to listen to IMAGO.  After all, walking itself is the most fundamental form of bilateral stimulation). 

IMAGO Is For Personal Growth, Not Brainspotting or EMDR

(This section is primarily for EMDR and Brainspotting therapists.)

Another distinguishing feature of "IMAGO" is that it is specifically designed to be a catalyst for a directed positive outcome.  Effective bilateral music for EMDR and Brainspotting should avoid evoking strong emotions in order to insure it does not influence the listener toward any experience that does not emerge naturally from each brain's unique processing. 

"IMAGO" is overtly designed to help get you from a problem that is troubling you to a solution that satisfies you, transforming confusion to clarity, constriction to expansion, repression to freedom, anxiety to confidence...... basically transforming cognitive and emotional limitations into greater possibilities to bring your best qualities into the world.

Therefore, "IMAGO" is NOT intended for structured clinical procedures like Brainspotting or EMDR. (FYI, the best-selling Alternating Sounds, LLC album "From Old Illusions to New Conclusions" was specifically crafted for professional use and was created with assistance from Brainspotting therapists.)

Therapists and other healing professionals will find "IMAGO" to be an excellent resource to recommend to clients for use use outside of clinical settings.  As stated on our page for psychotherapists, there are numerous ways to use "IMAGO" and other bilateral music to consolidate therapeutic gains made in session.

Benefits of Repeated Listening

Just like a new medication or form of exercise may need to be repeated for best results, it may be helpful for you to listen to IMAGO a few times over the course of several days. Your brain might need a little time to "figure out" how to use the benefits IMAGO offers. 

If You Like IMAGO, Please Tell Us and Others!

Alternating Sounds, LLC believes IMAGO is a truly special advancement that can benefit many people.  As an extremely small label with almost no marketing budget, we need help to widen public exposure to this remarkable sonic experience.  So if your experience with IMAGO was useful or interesting, please encourage others you know to give it a try.  Thanks for your support!

Image by Meg Jerrard

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