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Yoga by the Ocean

"From Old Illusions
To New Conclusions"

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From Old Illusions to
New Conclusions

"From Old Illusions to New Conclusions" was released in 2016.  It is more specifically tailored for use by healing professionals who use acoustic bilateral stimulation, such as EMDR and Brainspotting. It is also a very stable bilateral platform for general personal use.  The bilateral panning rate is slower and the selections are lengthier, allowing for deeper and more sustained processing.

Many subtle sonic qualities are present in this album, including occasional binaural beats stabilizing in the theta (4Hz) range to help induce greater relaxation and  dream-like associations.  Unique environmental recordings have been carefully folded into the texture of title.

As with all offerings on the Alternating Sounds, LLC website, you may now download "From Old Illusions to New Conclusions" for free!  

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