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List of Listening Guidelines
For Bilateral Stimulation Music

There are lots of ways to use bilateral stimulation music for your personal growth and development.  Because of these diverse uses, and since this type of "brain music" is still a new concept to most people, the following pages of listening guidelines and suggestions may be helpful to spend some time looking over, after reading this important disclaimer.  

It's generally best to start with the following "basic listening guidelines" for the information to make the most sense.  However, if you are just here to listen to "IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation", the guidelines you'll see below have everything you need to know.    

This page presents the basic set of guidelines and suggestions when listening to any music enhanced with bilateral stimulation.

This page is a start-to-finish overview of how to best utilize "IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation".  If that's all you're here to listen to, this is the only page you need to read.

The use of auditory bilateral stimulation can be combined with specific eye movements to enhance its effectiveness.  This page presents a basic set of eye movement techniques you can use when listening to bilateral music.

Once you've gotten comfortable incorporating basic eye movements with bilaterally enhanced music, you can add these variations.

Learn how to use eye movements with any form of acoustic bilateral stimulation to relieve unproductive and self-defeating thought patterns.

Bilateral music can be used with eye movements to diminish specific mental and emotional disturbances.  This page explains how.

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