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a bilateral journey of transformation

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Butterfly Collage
Imago Album Cover2.png

IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation


"IMAGO" is a remarkable new musical creation by Samuel Cape that uses the mystery and magic of the butterfly's life cycle as a metaphor for personal transformation. 

IMAGO is a mighty leap forward in the field of acoustic bilateral stimulation to promote positive change, personal growth and emotional health.


In 25 minutes IMAGO will carry you on a deeply emotional and richly satisfying musical journey.


 IMAGO showcases many innovative advances in bilateral stimulation that are designed to create new neural pathways to transform confusion into clarity and problems into solutions.


You've never heard anything like IMAGO because there's never been anything like it!

NOTE: Headphones or earbuds are required in order to experience the full effects of this music.

Imago (i-mắ-go)

(noun) 1. The final and fully developed stage of an insect after its metamorphosis.



The small holds

your greatness.


Image by Erik Karits

Some hungers

serve you well.


Image by Bankim Desai

Rest between what

was and will be.


Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

Fly free on your

beautiful wings.

Click below to hear a two minute sample of IMAGO
(Remember: headphones or earbuds are required to experience the full effects)

IMAGO two minute sample
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Or click below to hear and download IMAGO in its entirety for free.

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