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Wheat Field

"Fertile Field"

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Fertile Field: An Extended Bilateral Soundscape for Healing and Growth

This 2018 release contains two half-hour versions of bilaterally enhanced crystal singing bowls. The radiant tones of these singing bowls create a powerful energy field that you may experience with your body, your psyche and your spirit.


Each bowl resonates with one of seven chakras. These are energy centers in the body that effect different aspects of your well-being. Each of these seven tones lasts for four minutes. Use this album to restore balance to the energy constantly flowing through you.  


The addition of multiple levels of bilateral stimulation for such a long time is designed to enhance deep brain engagement.  The title track includes extensive use of environmental sounds for a much deeper effect and is the primary track to listen to.

You may find yourself feeling uncomfortable during some of the tones. Healing bowl practitioners recognize this as a normal sign that the body is using the tone to restore balance to that chakra. 

Due to the length of the two tracks this music is available "album only".  It's all good because it's now free!

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