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Written On Clouds:
Bilateral Music for Healing and Growth

Learn, Listen and Download for Free Here!

Album image of "Written on Clouds"

"Written on Clouds: Bilateral Music for Healing and Growth" is the first release on the Alternating Sounds LLC label, from 2014. This album contains a wide range of acoustic properties, including multiple levels of bilateral stimulation and subtle brainwave entrainment.


"Written On Clouds" introduced the process of using multiple levels of bilateral strength.  This mean there are always three levels of back and forth "sway": wide, moderate and subtle. The results are noticeably more effective than music that simply pans back and forth at a single and unchanging BLS. This innovative technique seems to greatly enhance the quality of the listener's neural engagement.

All of the environmental sounds on this album were derived from field recordings. You are hearing real raindrops, chanting monks, rustling leaves and rolling cans!


A wide assortment of bilateral speeds, strengths makes this album a "sampler" that is suitable for many purposes related to personal healing and growth. 

The 11 unique bilateral soundscapes are now available to download for free. Over an hour in length.  As always, headphones or earbuds are required to take advantage of the bilateral effects of this music.

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