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Welcome to the Next Generation in
Auditory Bilateral Stimulation -- FREE! 

Bilateral Music Your Deep Brain Is Going to Love You For. 

"Bilateral stimulation" is the gentle back-and-forth swaying of sensory input in a way that activates deep and creative brain processing. People use it to gain insight, creativity, confidence, productivity and performance. It's also used by practitioners of Brainspotting, EMDR and other techniques that use bilateral stimulation to  promote healing from trauma and other goals.  

The goal of Alternating Sounds LLC is to advance state-of-the-art acoustic bilateral stimulation for therapists and the general public. The ultimate goal is to help people access the power of their own brain to be healed and happy.

 Acoustic bilateral stimulation has been called "deep brain music". People across the world are discovering new ways to use bilateral stimulation music to help their brains transform the "unwanted old into the desired new".  

 Whether you're new to bilateral stimulation or someone who knows more about it than we do, we hope this site describing and offering our unique bilateral soundscapes is helpful to you.

You can download (for FREE) the music from our catalogue of bilaterally enhanced music.


  Our current goal is to highlight a unique new offering from our label, a  25 minute sonic experience that we believe will be different from anything you've ever heard: 

 IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation

IMAGO combines extraordinary musicianship with advanced bilateral effects to take you inside a butterfly's stages of transformation, a perfect metaphor for the ability of bilateral stimulation to help turn problems into solutions and confusion into clarity. 

We welcome you to download  IMAGO (and all the other offerings on this site) at no cost, no catch, no gimmick.


We hope you find the information on this website to be helpful.

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