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Honoring David Grand, Ph.D., Pioneer of Bilateral Stimulation Music

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Among his many contributions to the world, David Grand established the undeniable value of acoustic bilateral stimulation.

It seems fitting that the first blog entry on the Alternating Sounds LLC website is devoted to expressing the recognition and appreciation that Dr. David Grand richly deserves. Dr. Grand pioneered advances in the use of bilateral stimulation to alleviate human suffering and help people achieve their full potential. His vision and methods formed the bedrock for everything Alternating Sounds LLC has produced.

Dr. Grand is famous for discovering and developing the internationally acclaimed Brainspotting method, which often brings people to achieve rapid and life-changing breakthroughs for all sorts of personal problems, traumas and goals.

Bottom's Up!

Brainspotting is sometimes referred to as a "brain-based" or "bottom up" therapy. This is because its use of bilateral stimulation is central to promoting healing and growth at the "deep brain" level.

This is in contrast to the traditional process of "mind-based" or "top down" psychotherapy that relies primarily on talking through issues to bring about healing by primarily engaging the frontal cortex. As an analogy, this is the difference between using a teaspoon to dig down to a deeply buried treasure and using ultrasound to get there immediately and precisely.

Dr. Grand's Brainspotting method has proven extremely useful in immediately addressing and resolving issues that talk therapy sometimes take years to heal. This is why it is abundantly clear that Dr. David Grand is a towering pioneer in the history of the mental health field. By combining the strengths of brain-based and talk therapies he has provided a clear and direct pathway to help people all over the world grow and heal in their lives.

Deep Brain Maestro

Central to Dr. Grand's techniques are his bilaterally enhanced music that he has long made available to professionals and the general public. His "Biolateral Sound" CDs are used to great success by thousands of therapists and the general public to enhance mental, emotional and physical health. While a few early examples of bilaterally enhanced music existed before Dr. Grand produced his Biolateral Sound recordings, nobody else has produced so many effective and accessible opportunities to use this very special music for emotional healing and personal growth.

Alternating Sounds LLC would not exist without Dr. Grand's pioneering work in recognizing, applying and popularizing acoustic bilateral stimulation as a powerful healing tool

Alternating Sounds LLC would not exist without Dr. Grand's pioneering work in recognizing, applying and popularizing acoustic bilateral stimulation as a powerful healing tool for achieving rapid improvement from a wide range of personal problems so that people can operate at their highest, happiest potential.

It's a great honor to know that Brainspotting therapists and other healing professionals sprinkled around the world use music on the Alternating Sounds, LLC label. (Only the 25 minute "IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation" is specifically NOT recommended for Brainspotting since the inherent power of its sonic field promotes possibilities best experienced on its own terms.)

Again , it seems appropriate for the first post on this blog to clearly and cheerfully affirm that any information or music that Alternating Sounds, LLC makes available to the world builds upon, and in no way replaces, Dr. Grand's pioneering work in producing acoustic bilateral stimulation.

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