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IMAGO Summary "One-Sheet"

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

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If 25 minutes of music could improve your life, would you take the time to listen?

IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformationis the world’s first extended musical composition designed to help your brain create new neural pathways that support healthier thoughts and emotions. (Click this link to hear a 2 minute sample while reading this!)

Composed and performed by Sam Cape, IMAGO is quite unlike anything you’ve ever heard. It showcases exciting new advances in bilateral stimulation, the back-and-forth swaying of sound while wearing headphones or earbuds. Bilateral stimulation has been used by thousands of people to improve insight, self-esteem, creativity, confidence and overall well-being.

IMAGO’s four stirring movements are based on the stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis, an ideal metaphor for the use of bilateral stimulation to transform confusion into clarity and problems into solutions.

There are many ways to benefit from IMAGO. Here’s the basic idea:

  1. Briefly think about a personal problem you’re struggling to resolve.

  2. Listen to IMAGO in its entirety using headphones or earbuds (it's ok to do other things while listening, except driving).

  3. After the musical journey ends simply notice and enjoy any fresh insights, energy or ideas that just “come to you” over the next few hours. That's all there is to it.

Could you benefit from "IMAGO: a bilateral journey of transformation"? We want you to decide for yourself:

Listen to IMAGO in its entirety for free. If you’re impressed, tell others and invite them to do the same. We are such a small label that IMAGO needs buzz to achieve the wide public recognition we hope you’ll agree it richly deserves.

Thanks for reading this introduction. Please contact me with any of your comments, questions or suggestions for bringing more people to IMAGO.

George Herring, Manager

Alternating Sounds, LLC

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