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Written On Clouds: Bilateral Music for Healing and Growth

The first release on the Alternating Sounds label, from 2014.  These compositions apply brain-based therapy principles such as bilateral stimulation and brainwave entrainment to a unique mix of musical and non-musical sounds.  The result is a series of innovative “bilateral soundscapes” designed to encourage healthy and adaptive thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and associations. 

Each track is 99 cents, but the full album of 11 unique bilateral soundscapes is only $9.99. Over an hour in length.  As always, headphones or earbuds are required.

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From Old Illusions to New Conclusions: Bilateral Music for Brain-Based Psychotherapies and Personal Growth


From 2016, this collection builds upon the first CD from Alternating Sounds, "Written on Clouds: Bilateral Music for Healing and Growth". The bilateral panning rate in this collection is much slower than the previous one, between 6 and 9 cycles per minute (cpm). The selections are also generally lengthier than most tracks on the first release.  Two tracks are approximately 14 minutes each.  This allows for deeper and more sustained processing.

Individual tracks are available, with tracks over 10 minutes priced just a bit higher.  The full album is still the better deal.  Headphones or earbuds required.

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Marim Ba Ba Marim (single)

Artist David Shevlino contributes the basis for a highly inductive 11 minute sonic field mixed to maintain three simultaneous levels of bilateral strength at 9 cycles per minute (9 cpm) with subtle isochronic entrainment @ 4 Hz.  That may be what it is, but only listening softly through headphones or ear buds reveals what it does.

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NEW (JULY 2019)! 

"Fertile Field: An Extended Bilateral Soundscape for Healing and Growth"

This new release by Alternating Sounds contains two nearly half-hour versions of bilaterally enhanced crystal singing bowls. The radiant tones of these singing bowls create a powerful energy field that you may experience with your body, your psyche and your spirit. Each bowl resonates with one of seven chakras, energy centers located along the body that are associated with different aspects of your well-being, as is described in this free booklet of information and listening suggestions. Each of these seven tones resonates with a specific chakra for four minutes each to restore balance to the energy constantly flowing through you.  The addition of multiple simultaneous levels of bilateral strengths (at 8 cpm) for such a long time creates the potential for unprecedented levels of neural engagement, especially on the title track that includes environmental sounds.  A truly fertile acoustic field adaptable to many purposes. Requires headphones or earbuds.